8 Perfect Domains for Valentine’s Day


Roses, chocolates and jewelry.

They all make great Valentine’s Day gifts, but let’s face it, they aren’t that unique. Instead, why not get creative this year? Show your love with a new domain name that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Some of the new top level domains have fun uses for Valentine’s Day. Here are some to check out, with ideas for how you make this February 14th the most memorable one ever.


What better way to show your loved one how you feel than with a .Love domain name?

You can forward the domain name to your instagram account or an online photo gallery with pictures of you and your special someone. If you’re really ambitious, create a new online scrapbook commemorating all of the wonderful moments you’ve shared. Try searching for a combination like YourNameAndTheirName.love to see if it’s available.

.Diamonds and .Gold

Some people love to receive jewelry for Valentine’s Day, but it can also be kind of boring. Make the experience more unique using a .diamonds domain.

One creative and simple idea is to register name.diamonds and show a picture of the jewelry before you give the gift. Or perhaps you can set up a scavenger hunt on the domain name, leading that special someone to a place where the jewelry is hidden. That will make the experience one she’ll talk about all year. Send a link to your .diamonds website to your loved one as a teaser.

.Red and .Pink

Did you know that you can now register domain names ending in colors?

Parallax Hosting offers domains ending in .red and .pink for only Rs. 999. These domain names are perfect for a site about your relationship or just to celebrate the holiday.


Is this the year you pop the question?

Make the proposal memorable by registering a .wedding domain name. The domain name can be added to invitations to provide information to your wedding guests, or to commemorate the event afterwards.

Another idea is to use a .wedding domain name to forward your friends and family to any of the popular online wedding website creation sites, to make the website address easier to remember.

.Flowers and .Florist

If you own a florist business, then your biggest day of the year is just around the corner. Make your online address much more memorable with one of these new domain name choices.

There are lots of ways to get creative with these fun new web addresses. Check out the complete list of new domain name extensions Parallax Hosting offers and register one today.