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  • FTP Session Control

    This interface displays information about current connections to your FTP server and it allows you to terminate those connections. View current FTP sessions The interface includes the following... Read More

  • The Password Generator

    The Password Generator feature generates secure passwords, which are difficult for malicious users to guess. You can use the Password Generator anywhere that the button is available. When you... Read More

  • Virus Scanner

    The ClamAV® Virus Scanner interface scans your cPanel account's services for malicious software. If the ClamAV® Virus Scanner identifies a potential security threat, the system prompts you to... Read More

  • Where do I upload my website?

     All files to be made public to view on the Internet should be uploaded to the "public_html" directory. This can be accessed via the file manager in cPanel or via FTP.Ensure that you create your... Read More

  • Filezilla Connection

    To use plain FTP in filezilla please set up a new connection in Site Manager.File > Site Manager Select the New Site Button and name the connection.Add the details of your ftp account on the... Read More

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