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What is .xyz?


It’s a new generation of domain names. Short, easy to remember and recognizable all over the world, a .xyz domain opens up a wealth of opportunities. If you’re bold enough, hook up your online presence to a domain that lets you step outside the mainstream and claim your own unique space.

A domain that speaks to generations.

Members of Generations X, Y and Z started growing up in the late 1960s as internet technology grew, on an incredible trajectory, from science fiction to an everyday convenience. With xyz, you can evoke a sense of identity for hundreds of millions of people. How’s that for effectively reaching a target market?

Who else uses .xyz?

The .xyz domain name is one of the most popular extension in the world — it’s caught on in more than 230 countries. Thousands of startups and small businesses use .xyz for their web address, not to mention some of the largest brands in the world. But it’s not just for businesses. You’ll find developers, crypto-enthusiasts and designers among those who’ve found inspiration in xyz.

Let the end be your beginning.

With .xyz domains, you might be looking at the end of the alphabet — but it’s a fantastic beginning for your story. Start making your way online by registering a .xyz domain and using it for essentials like your website, online store and email marketing. (And how cool would it be if your email address ended in .xyz?)

Let the end be your beginning.

In Mandarin Chinese, characters in the .xyz domain name translate to “little universe” (小宇宙). Maybe that’s some cosmic coincidence — but maybe not. If you’ve been waiting for a celestial message telling you it’s time to make your own way, .xyz could be a signal the time is now. Get started by registering a .xyz domain name today.

Your .xyz domain name is waiting.

If you find .xyz especially appealing, it shouldn’t be news you’re not alone. With the popularity of this multinational, multigenerational identity-builder, you can bet people are lining up to register .xyz domains. So, cut the line — you rebel, you — and grab a .xyz domain today.

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